Buddha and Jataka tales

Jataka tales is a story about Remembering the life of the Buddha

Recalling is like extracting data from the cloud to tell the story of the nations that used to have spent their lives in order to perform their virtues.

Characters or animals in allegory stories To tell stories, teach Dharma, easy to understand.

Sculpting a workpiece over the head of the real Buddha head inside.

From the Ancient Thai Technique to hiding teasure(golden Buddha) inside the cement.

Like ” Hiding the true essence inside ”

I was inspired to be educated on Sunday Buddhism when I was in elementary school. It is still remembered and buried deep in my heart It helps teach Dharma well.

And the technique of applying plaster to hide the monks of the past is an imprinted wisdom.

with Art Toy, which is a modern sculpture that is colorful, shapely and satisfying.

this project got a 2021 TEDA Cup- Visual Design Category (Lahti Special Prize)

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